Hidrovia, the river highway of the Southern Cone that is in China’s sights and on the US radar.

With an extension of 3,422 kilometers, from Puerto Cáceres (Brazil) to Nueva Palmira (Uruguay), the Paraguay-Paraná Waterway has become the privileged exit route for the Argentine agro-export complex and neighboring countries, particularly Bolivia and Paraguay.

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Araucaria International Seminar

The IV Seminar on the Sustainability of Araucaria will take place from May 7 to 10, 2024 in the municipality of Lages (Santa Catarina - Brazil)

Raul Cheyllada Raul Cheyllada

Mercosur Environmental Information System

The SIAM centralizes information on the actions, products and results of the activities of SGT No. 6, Environment and the Meeting of Environment Ministers, contributing to the transparency of the negotiations and their dissemination. It also facilitates access to environmental information from the States Parties in an integrated manner for its dissemination to the general public.

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25th Anniversary Celebration of the Union of South American Parliamentarians and Mercosur.

In the City of Mendoza – Argentina on March 21 and 22, 2024, the HONORABLE LEGISLATURE will celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Union of South American and Mercosur Members.

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Mercosur Summit. Conclusions for Uruguay.

With good signs, the Uruguayan delegation that traveled to Rio de Janeiro

Raul Cheyllada Raul Cheyllada

Mercosur and Environment

The MERCOSUR countries have a rich biodiversity, they share a differentiated set

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Paraná-Paraguay Waterway | They build the largest container ship that will navigate it.

The Ministry of Public Works and Communications (MOPC) announced that through the

Origins of the Uruguay River and the Integrated Guarani/Serra Geral Aquifer System (SAIG/SG).

Region of Urubici, SC, Brazil. Location of the furthest upstream sources of

Luciano Henning Luciano Henning

March 26th. MERCOSUR Anniversary

March 26 marks a new anniversary of the signing of the Treaty

Raul Cheyllada Raul Cheyllada

25th Anniversary Celebration of the Union of South American Parliamentarians and Mercosur.

South American and Mercosur parliamentarians UPM will meet in an assembly in

Raul Cheyllada Raul Cheyllada


On the morning of September 26th, the Union of South American and

Raul Cheyllada Raul Cheyllada


Participation of the Union of South American and Mercosur Parliamentarians - UPM,

Raul Cheyllada Raul Cheyllada
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More Information: Paraguay-Paraná Waterway 2

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